Sober Living

Sober Living Halfway House Program

Following 25 years of successful addiction treatment and recovery, Jim & Kathy have transitioned Oasis Treatment Center from offering inpatient treatment to short and long term sober living-after care for men.

Following a 30 day inpatient addiction treatment program,  entering a good sober living program is one of the best ways to insure long term sobriety.  Although Jim & Kathy have semi-retired, they still want to play an active role in the recovery of addicts and alcoholics. This has and will always remain their passion.

The sober living – halfway house program is only $500.00 dollars per month. The Halfway Houses are gender specific, safe and located in the bustling metropolis of Orange County, California. Click here for sober living rental agreement.

Orange County, California offers many opportunities for employment and is home to many colleges and trade schools for those that want to begin or continue their education.

Oasis offers a comprehensive sober living program with strong accountability and peer support.  Required attendance at 12 step recovery meetings at the Oasis Treatment Center is part of the program. The Fireside Meeting is a 12 step meeting that has been taking place at Oasis for over 20 years and many long time alumni still attend. This sets a great example and outstanding encouragement for those in early recovery.

Sober Living Program Meetings