Oasis Sober Living Rental Agreement


____________________________________________________(Herinafter referred to as “Tenant”) and James H. Antonowitsch (hereinafter referred to as “Landlord”) enter into this agreement as follows: Tenant shall rent a portion of the premises located at:


on a month-to-month tenancy, commencing on________________________________________________________________.

Rent shall be at the monthly rate of $_____________per month, and payable on the ____________day of each month, commencing_______________________________________.

Rental deposit shall be $___________, payable___________________________________.

Tenants portion of the premises shall include access to all common living areas, kitchen, laundry, and the like, and one private/shared bedroom. Monthly water, trash, electric and gas utilities (up to base allotment) shall be included in monthly rent. Tenant shall be solely responsible for all telephone installation and charges, and cable television installation and charges, as well as any excessive utility charges above base allotment.

Tenants are required to maintain sobriety, maintain their personal living area in a neat and orderly manner, make no threats or perform any actual acts of violence (verbal or physical), and pay rent on a timely basis. Non-compliance with one or more of these requirements may result in immediate eviction from the property. If a tenant is evicted for non-compliance or leaves without a minimum two-week notice, no refund will be given.


James H. Antonowitsch          Date

Tenant                                 Date