Family Recovery

I’ve promised to be there for you no matter what, when you lost your job, your health, your looks, your confidence and your friends. I’ve put your needs above my own and I’ve endured with you throughout the toughest of times. It’s time for us to get some help, before it’s all too late.

Deep within our human character is a self-will that is inborn. We desire to control people, circumstances, and our environment. Our attitude is that “We want whatever it is that we want, and we want it now!”. This attitude permeates our behavior as we travel down the slippery road to selfishness. Substance abuse is the Pandora’s Box of the alcoholic and or addict who have lost the ability to control both behavior and desire.

The grip of addiction prompts me to provoke an argument so that I can escape the house to get to the bar. It encompasses a long history of broken promises, violated trust and quitting a thousand times only to resume again within the same day. Addiction allows me to continue to lie to myself as I lie to my spouse and children. It alienates me from my friends because I can no longer afford to trust anyone, especially myself. Addiction is my disease and it is everywhere. My addiction affects my family members, even the smallest. Keeping the secret of my addiction enables my disease to progress, person to person, generation to generation.

There is a better way to live. Addictions are an outgrowth of unhealthy choices and habits. Hope based on the realistic expectation that someone can and will change is a powerful and positive motivating force. We can build bridges across the span of our lives in many ways. At the Oasis Treatment Center, we demonstrate the basics of helping people identify and cope with the symptoms of their “dis-ease”. We educate our clients on post acute withdrawal and the dynamics of the detoxification process. We encourage healthy lifestyle habits to replace old behavioral patterns while directing our clients toward spirituality, open communication, and 12 step community support. We value one on one counseling in order to assist them in identifying character flaws that could lead them back to active use.

Individual treatment plans are prepared by licensed clinicians who have themselves overcome the grip of addiction. In order to fully address the dynamics of individual issues, we encourage family participation with the realization that they have been effected by the disease and deserve the education, group therapy, and support to ensure the healing process. “Many people pray to overcome the will of a reluctant Higher Power, instead of taking hold of the willingness of a loving Higher Power”, for it is wise to pray for the future, but not to worry about it.

We can’t live it until it becomes the present. The depth of our anxiety measures the distance we are from the truth. Sometimes we go along with things, not because we really want to, but because we don’t know what else to do. The insanity takes over, and no one has the wisdom or the courage to make the call. Remember, Change is going to be there whether we like it or not. If not now, when?