An intervention is a caring and deliberate attempt by members of the family and loved ones to help the alcoholic or drug addicted person get help for his or her problem. Interventions are a structured and loving process organized and facilitated by a trained professional who guides a meeting between family members, friends and the prospective client. The process is meant to show the prospective client in a loving and caring manner how their behavior is affecting the people that love them the most. An interventionist can help the prospective client understand the importance of changing his or her behavior and getting them into a treatment center.

Prior to the actual intervention, the interventionist works with the family members and friends, educating them on the intervention process and guides them on the preparation required. Once the preliminary work is completed, a scheduled time is set for the actual intervention and arrangements are made for the prospective client to be admitted into a treatment facility immediately following the intervention so they can learn how to deal with the realities of life without these substances.

One of our success stories comes from the A&E television show, “Intervention”.  Alyson, a three-time White House intern and an award-winning student, who was addicted to morphine, crack; ultimately stealing painkillers from her dying father.  She was alienated from her mother and sister.  Alyson has now been with our program for 22 months and in our sober living program.  She currently has a part-time job at the Oasis.

Oasis Treatment Center works with numerous professional interventionists in assisting families with getting their loved ones help. For more information about interventions or for a referral to a recommended interventionist, please contact our intake office at